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 Dante chose an ice lake for his ninth circle of Hell in The Inferno. This was the place to punish the worst of the worst.  I grew up hating ice.  I skied as a kid, and in those pre-grooming, pre-snow making days trails were treacheries of ice slipping me up at every turn and having me land on the same spot, which became increasingly painful with each fall.

It was only in the last few years that I appreciated how beautiful and creative ice can be.   It forms marvelous figures, colors, and quasi-geologic formations.  This appreciation first came while driving up Kaatterskill Clove on route 23a, then winter hiking, but I never lost respect for the inherent danger.

I had the privilege of being house doctor at Mohonk Mountain House during the ice storm of February, 2022.   Several photographs of this section cover that event at the Mountain House.

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